DATE: 21 JUNE 2012


First glance
First kiss
The first ‘I love you’
Love making
Our first date
Second kiss
Second hug
We started at the end
Did things in reverse
The order completely wrong
We had our dessert before our beautifully set-out Trios Course MealFirst course:
The first time you saw me and I saw you
Too coy to approach
I enquired about you
You did your research about me
I watched you jump around
Embracing long-lost friends
A private show
Exclusively for me
Your laughter was loud enough
To ignite the room into melodic songs of joy
My eyes never left the stage
Your performance never dull
And when our eyes met our lips formed half moons that made our cheeks rise into mountains of glee
Your eyes were the calmest set I’ve ever looked into
A being unmistakably gracious

Second course:
We could’ve exchanged addresses so we could find each other later
So we could get lost in each other and forget the hours
Take long strolls in the beauty of each other’s souls
We should’ve exchanged numbers so we could let the sound of our voices create music in each other’s ears all night, every day
Like fools
Dent our telephone bills Instead we kissed
Mmm Mmmm Mmmmm
A complementary side order of emotions and feelings
The puzzle pieces
When our arms reached for each other’s backs
So intertwined
We took words right out of each other’s mouths,
One deep breath and

The final serving:
Was a treat!
Our bodies collided with heaven
Sensual and glorious met
We made love until the sun visited our faces on a new dawn
Your hands were big enough to hold every moment
We made sweet love
We did this in reverse

Still hung-over from last night
We took a long walk to the local park
Both engulfed in the freshness of a new day
Chatting away the hours till lunch time
Croissants and coffee for lunch
‘Let’s break some of these rules that society has accustomed us to’, you said!
Our official first date
We hugged
Our bodies the perfect puzzle pieces
We kissed again

Now as I lay in bed
Listening to every sound you make while you sleep
Bombarded by thoughts of you
Thoughts of me
I’m thinking about ‘US’, I love you
Will you stay?
Wishing you would wake up
Look into my eyes
Read my thoughts
I wish we’d share a telepathic conversation
Or meet in our dreams
The only question on my mind
“Will you leave me with my integrity?”

SOURCE: Debbie Mokhosi, VM


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