YEAR 2011



It’s not that you are perfect
But because I taught him how to love
It’s not that he’s selfless
But it’s because that nigga under your arm
Had to break this girl over here
In order to learn how to give

Go ahead and act  like you’ve won
Something finally worth celebrating
But don’t you dare sit there
For a minute and think that diamond
Landed on your lap sparkling
Because it came out of the ground that way

My sweat
My toil
My labour
And my broken heart
Have given to you
Everything I was begging for
But just could never get
Go ahead and shout it on
The roof tops
Not all guys are the same
But complete that sentence
By saying
The true ones
The real ones
The ones worth your time
And your forever
Had to break a real woman’s heart
Before they could land in your hands
My blood
My toil

Go ahead and enjoy
Hopefully you’ve paid your dues
And broken your heart
For another woman’s treasure!

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM



I was a whore for a love I never got
Open legs
Some would believe that my heart is situated
Between my thighs
I let you lay me on lay-by
And on your side of the bed all I heard
Were snores and sweet nothings
On the floor, dirty drawers and sweaty socks

Oh but on my bed side table
An empty condom wraper
To pay for my trouble

I was a whore for your love
All you did was take
And all I did was give

You took when the need was aroused in you
To take
And I gave even when I didn’t desire to
My time
My energy
My money
My love
And unfortunately my heart as well
And all you did was take

Like an open well that never gets full
You were never satisfied you fool
I put you before I
Hoping that one day it would hit you
Like a bullseye
That my love was the thing
That made you real
That kept you alive in my heart

I was a whore for a love that
Was never mine
Paying for the sins of some insensitive bitch
Who used you up and threw you
In the can
And now you walk around as though
That gives you the right to act like trash
Doing exactly what she did to you
To someone else

I was a whore for your love
A cheap whore at that
Picking up after you
Feeding you
Doing the things that your lady should do
At no fee at all

And I pray sincerely
For your own good
That the next girl don’t collect
The debt in my name

You arrogant
Snoring fool!
And pick up your dirty drawers
On your way out
I said NO MORE!

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 1 MARCH 2011

”]Those proud to scream they are alive
Need to get busy living
Life only throws trouble
In the paths of those who truly live
Do not be blindsided
Only you, the champion
Can make it through each day
The reward is what we’ve always lived for
From primitive days
To the global now
We live to get paid
We work to eat
We suffer so we can reap
Torture has always been bearable
To the visionary
Those who know that life does not
Rise and fall on today
Tomorrow I’ll be somebody
Tomorrow I’ll be a force to be reckoned with
Tomorrow dear boss
Roles may change
Tomorrow may not be guaranteed
But change is inevitable
So the warrior in me battles each day
Because change is a promise
If no today
Then tomorrow for sure

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM


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