FROM: Couldn't have said it better myself

Couldn’t have said it better myself

IT’s been a little over 7 months of silence…to be honest with you, it has been a searching number of months concerning this blog. I have been wrestling with the idea that maybe, just possibly, I have out grown this blog. I know exactly what my next blog will look like and how it will be structured and exactly what it will be about, but it is still in conception, it is not yet time to birth that next phase of me yet.
I have recently then realised that if it is not time for the next phase yet, it means I’m not yet through with VeeMedia.
What better time to reconnect than the second month of a new year, when all the resolutions have been made and all the star dust of the possibilities the new year holds have fallen off our eyes and life is waiting for us to live.
Even with this vague explanation, that I cannot explain properly in words, that you would have to see when I birth that new phase, I offer my sincerest apologies for the silence and the distance.
Any thinker who is also a writer knows the release of blogging, and in the past 7 months I’ve robbed myself of what I have come to know as one of life’s most honest gifts. Being away from you has caused me great pain.
And with that I dare say NEVER AND NEVER AGAIN!!!!
Hello once again old friend.

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I have observed with the former president’s recurring hospital visits and evident deteriorating health that many will never be ready to let him go.
Though I fully understand, I find it very closed minded to think that for as long as Madiba breathes things will be fine.
Not to be disrespectful or harsh, but in all honestly, what has he done for you lately? The man has lived an extraordinary life, he has fulfilled his destiny, and he has liberated his people and has lived to enjoy the fruits of his struggle. Now, now he is in pain, and a grateful people would allow him to transcend to the next level of life, where he can live forever in our memories, our classrooms, our stories, our people and the history of our country.
Why they will not let him die I believe is because they believe that once he stops breathing he will cease to be. Never has anything been so untrue.
There are books; there are documentaries, columns, articles, movies, stories and people who will tell his story for all of time, lest we forget.
If for once, those who believe that if he stayed alive in pain, sat and imagined the kind of pain he must be going through, just for a moment, they may reconsider.
Then there are those that believe that things will come undone once Madiba goes. Again I understand, but I disagree. The thing is men like Madiba laid a thick foundation, one so strong that even the strongest winds would never shake it, then they passed the dream on, the vision on, the mission on to all those who came after them and those who became because of them. Something that solid can never be built or torn down by one man’s life or death. This freedom and existence that we so often associate with the man Madiba took many men to build, their sweat, blood and tears will forever glue it into being and guarantee its existence. Many of those men have passed on and they look upon this country from above and see that yes, we may lose it all, but not because one man lives or dies, but because something in all of us is at risk of dying or becoming numb. If there is an undoing, it will be ours and not a reaction to the death of a hero.
Still some believe that we have the power to hold a spirit and to release it, this too I understand but I do not agree. In his great strength, when it is time, God determines the hour, not the hearts of selfish men or women. For me this then begs the question, what is God doing? Madiba has put the nation, the world, at the edge of their seats six times since January 2011, worried sleepless about his health. Maybe it’s time we asked what it is really that we are all so worried about.
Since I started practicing journalism in2008, Madiba’s death has commonly been known in the journalism circles as the greatest potential story of our time, and every budding journalist could smell their place within that story at the front lines when it came. As the years have rolled by, the anticipation, suspense and thrill of his possible death has become the saddest story of my industry.
Again I understand, South Africans, no doubt, must tell the South African story, more especially when it has to do with great men beloved the world around. My only fear is how we will go about telling this story – may we not be found wanting and may we never become the story.
Lastly, the guy is old, CAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAAANNN!!!! I do not desire to live that old and still have people praying I live even longer. Give the guy a break.
What it is that I think we should be praying for is that his legacy would live beyond his breath and that everyday a child is born in this country, there may be a Madiba-ness inside of each of them.

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I’ve only been back in the Eastern Cape for a total of 2years and some weeks now. In that period something has happened to all four of my tyres.
The first was shortly before I moved, one rainy evening on my way back from work driving to Gonubie. On the main road with an 80km/h speed limit, well within the limit. However if anyone knows anything about Gonubie they’ll know about the pot holes, yes even on the main road. Because the road was wet and the potholes filled with water I did not notice one right in front of me, and !!!BANG!! went my passenger’s side front tyre. Of course because this had never happened to me before, I drove on just a bit before I noticed the strange noise and feel of the drive.
I got out of the car to sneak a peek; went back into the car and called my dad in Mthatha, about 2hrs from East London to tell him what happened. I then proceeded to call my sisters, one in Mthatha the other in Grahamstown. Because I didn’t know anyone in East London well enough to ask them to come to my rescue in the middle of a rainy night, I simply rolled down my chair, put on the hazards and the heat and got ready to sleep.
At this point I started noticing other cars ahead of me and behind me with their hazards on and people putting jacks under the cars. Of course I did not know how to change a tyre and I doubted anyone would want to help change a second tyre after their own trauma and delay.
I contemplated locking the car and walking home in the rain and thinking up a plan the next day.
While fiddling with my phone a car driving the opposite direction slowed down and the gentleman on the driver’s side waved at me and asked if I was fine. I shook my head. He u-turned and came to my rescue with his girlfriend/wife, I cannot be sure.
This white couple was dressed like they had come from a nice dinner. The lady got out of the car with an umbrella and shared it with me while her man was being rained on helping a total stranger change her tyre.
When they were done they said they’d follow me some distance to make sure the wheel was tight, they did and I saw them turn back and carry on with their trip. I remember thinking thank you was not enough. I never even got their names, for me that was an extreme kindness, to help a total stranger do something they cannot do for themselves without even asking.
The second time was last year after we had been broken into at my boyfriend’s house and my driver’s window had been smashed. Driving to my place in Gonubie, with all the road works having started, as we off-ramped to join the main road we hit a pothole and instantly felt the driver’s wheel go flat. After the day we had had, we could not believe this too was happening. Again, it was a cold, wet, winter’s night and my man changed that wheel in the dark, on his own while I waited in the car. When he was done we drove off but we still felt something was wrong. We muted the radio, put the hazards back on and got out to check, and as unbelievable as it may sound, the back driver’s side wheel had also punctured. And because we had already used the only spare wheel we had, and because we were angry and emotional we drove at 10km/h all the way to my place dragging that back tyre with us, praying the rims do not get damaged. We made it home and the next morning my boyfriend’s friend brought an extra spare wheel for us and they changed it in time to make it for work. That day I learnt that yes when it rains it pours, but nothing is ever too big for you to handle when you have someone holding your hand through it all. There was an unforgettable and irreplaceable solidarity that was formed on that day.
The third time, on Friday, as I’m leaving my place for work, yes yet again it is raining, but it’s morning this time around. I’m driving up the road, but I can feel the car is not like it usually is, but I immediately dismiss it and think it’s because the road is wet. As I approach a stop sign I decide to mute the radio to just be sure. As I stop another car turns in and the man in the red-car rolls down his window and tells me my back passenger’s side tyre is flat and he can see a nail that looks like it caused the damage. As he is speaking, I hear a female voice from the passenger’s side telling him to drive on. Now I’m thinking ‘who smashed my tyres’? I did not feel anything last night when I parked the car. I get out of the car to find the ‘nail’ spoken of was only the insertion point for the air pump, and yes indeed my tyre was flat, but for the life of me I did not know why. Instantly I was annoyed and emotional. In a space of under two years I had already bought three tyres, and this time around I had no clue what happened. I was pissed.
I went back into the car and put on my hazards and called my boss to let her know what happened. Then I called my boyfriend who was out of town to moan and sulk. Luckily one of my line managers’ was still in Gonubie at the time came through and helped me, again, in the rain. He tried to teach me how it’s all done, but it was no walk in the park for him either, what more for me?
It’s days like these that one appreciates the significance and strength of a man. I know I’ll never learn how to change a tyre, even if I try, it doesn’t matter what they say or how I may be judged, after all is said and done I will forever be a girl and changing a tyre will forever be something tricky for me. Besides, it feels good being rescued sometimes; and it must feel great helping somebody with something they cannot do on their own. Being needed.
Now all that’s left is praying that this time the damage is easily replaceable, that I will not have to buy yet another tyre!

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My bed side right now!

My bed side right now!

This will come across as strange to most people who know me. I love wine, red wine to be specific. White wine not soo much, I only have it when I’m surrounded by people who like it as well, like my dear friend Len, lol lol oh oops…I shouldn’t have said that.

However Fat Bastard Chardonnay on the other hand … now that’s wine.

It’s a cold cold day in East London today. Oh the plans I had when I woke up this morning, before they [yes they, whoever they may be] decided that Gonubie can do without electricity today.

But we shall not dwell on such, nothing that writing, social networking and chardonnay can’t fix. [and this is why you should always keep your laptop battery charged kids].

When we were younger my mom would tell us stories about her childhood during a blackout. That’s how I heard about the sugar-water tales and others that she experienced when she was in boarding school.

Now that I’m a little grown, during these times I do a lot of thinking and reflecting on my own life and what the ‘sugar-water tales’ mean to me now.

It’s amazing how in the single second that distinguishes last year to this year one can renew their hope. One can be utterly hopeless at 11:59 on New Year’s Eve but come midnight new dreams are dreamt and old one refreshed.

I always go into a new year with great hope and ambition. Most times come year end 70% of those dreams are fulfilled. I have one simple trick really, I meditate on those dreams A LOT until they form part of me and I cannot help but find a way to achieve them. To such a point that no matter how tiny they may be, they keep me up at night. Sometimes a year is just too short.

In my life right now, the sugar-water tales are about where I’ve come from and to watch that path lighting up with favour even in the moments I thought I was alone is a gobsmacker of a revelation. Many of us don’t say it often enough because our perception of this has been distorted by what we see on TV. But life has been good to me. And if you think hard about it, life has been good to you too.
How do I know? Because I’m not where I was last year and that is a tale of progress not regress.

During these times I’m grateful for the ‘sugar-water days’, and hope has been renewed once more.

Let me get busy with this living.


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I just feel like dancing!

I just feel like dancing!

Luck is a coincidence.
Blessing is divinely ordained. I am SOOO blessed; God meant it to be so.
I have had one of those weeks where the hand of God is blatantly at play in certain aspects of my life that I have been taken aback and all I can do is dance!
And give him all the glory. He is a good God and he concerns himself with the things that concern me and while I’m praying he has already resolved a thing.
This week has been piled with answered prayers, the magnitude of God’s grace and the evidence of his love.
I thought I’d just remind you to never lose heart and pray without ceasing, trusting that a generous, extravagant, gracious, holy and loving heavenly Father hears your heart’s deepest pleas and answers them in good time, even when the answer is no.
Hello everybody!
It’s been a while. I know I keep saying I’m back and then I disappear.
This has been a strange year, so this time I’m not going to declare a promise that I’m back, I’ll just surprise you, that’s much better.
This is a short entry. There isn’t much to say really, except to share how humbling it is to see the work of God’s hand in your life.
I’m one whose eyes are opened even to the little things. Strangely, for me, that’s where I see the work of God most evidently. It’s the small things that testify about heaven to me, but this week God has shown me that he breathes even in bigger things and it’s ok to trust him for more.
I just wanted to encourage yall. Look for him in everything and stay blessed!

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This is just a notice to let everyone know that there will no longer be posts on iTHINK, those posts will appear on this page as a normal entry from now on. Everything else remains the same.

Thank you

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ARGOIT’S THE end of 1979 at the US embassy in Iran. The recently deposed Shah, a friend of the US is dishing out heavy doses of human rights violations and the people have reached breaking point. His friends must release him to his fate or suffer at the hands of an angry nation. Dying of cancer he has taken refuge in America. Meanwhile back home all hell breaks loose.
A nation of fed-up Iranians protest outside the US embassy calling for the return of the Shah.
On one fateful day, the nation breaks through the embassy gates and invades the symbol of America in their country. READ MORE…

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