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I have observed with the former president’s recurring hospital visits and evident deteriorating health that many will never be ready to let him go.
Though I fully understand, I find it very closed minded to think that for as long as Madiba breathes things will be fine.
Not to be disrespectful or harsh, but in all honestly, what has he done for you lately? The man has lived an extraordinary life, he has fulfilled his destiny, and he has liberated his people and has lived to enjoy the fruits of his struggle. Now, now he is in pain, and a grateful people would allow him to transcend to the next level of life, where he can live forever in our memories, our classrooms, our stories, our people and the history of our country.
Why they will not let him die I believe is because they believe that once he stops breathing he will cease to be. Never has anything been so untrue.
There are books; there are documentaries, columns, articles, movies, stories and people who will tell his story for all of time, lest we forget.
If for once, those who believe that if he stayed alive in pain, sat and imagined the kind of pain he must be going through, just for a moment, they may reconsider.
Then there are those that believe that things will come undone once Madiba goes. Again I understand, but I disagree. The thing is men like Madiba laid a thick foundation, one so strong that even the strongest winds would never shake it, then they passed the dream on, the vision on, the mission on to all those who came after them and those who became because of them. Something that solid can never be built or torn down by one man’s life or death. This freedom and existence that we so often associate with the man Madiba took many men to build, their sweat, blood and tears will forever glue it into being and guarantee its existence. Many of those men have passed on and they look upon this country from above and see that yes, we may lose it all, but not because one man lives or dies, but because something in all of us is at risk of dying or becoming numb. If there is an undoing, it will be ours and not a reaction to the death of a hero.
Still some believe that we have the power to hold a spirit and to release it, this too I understand but I do not agree. In his great strength, when it is time, God determines the hour, not the hearts of selfish men or women. For me this then begs the question, what is God doing? Madiba has put the nation, the world, at the edge of their seats six times since January 2011, worried sleepless about his health. Maybe it’s time we asked what it is really that we are all so worried about.
Since I started practicing journalism in2008, Madiba’s death has commonly been known in the journalism circles as the greatest potential story of our time, and every budding journalist could smell their place within that story at the front lines when it came. As the years have rolled by, the anticipation, suspense and thrill of his possible death has become the saddest story of my industry.
Again I understand, South Africans, no doubt, must tell the South African story, more especially when it has to do with great men beloved the world around. My only fear is how we will go about telling this story – may we not be found wanting and may we never become the story.
Lastly, the guy is old, CAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAAANNN!!!! I do not desire to live that old and still have people praying I live even longer. Give the guy a break.
What it is that I think we should be praying for is that his legacy would live beyond his breath and that everyday a child is born in this country, there may be a Madiba-ness inside of each of them.

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