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It hits some of us sooner and others way later, but eventually we have to know right? I cannot imagine living life not knowing what you are good at, at some point we know, the question always lies in what we do with that knowledge.For example I know that I’m not good at singing, but I sing anyway, in private, in the shower, to the heavens and in my car, in those spaces your Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s have nothing on me, I sound soo good I should have a mixed tape. READ MORE…

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Have you ever bought something from the grocery store that looked sooo scrumptous that you didn’t even bother to check the sell-by date or the expiry date, only to notice when you get home that the darn thing, of which you bought plenty of, actually expires tomorrow?How annoying is that?But at least there’s an expiry date attached to it.It’s not always the case when it comes to love.Check out the piece I wrote on this on the PoeticMother 2012 page. SHELF-LIFE KINDA LOVE

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Introducing a fresh new young poet on the Corner’s Page. Now along side ZeezCorner, you will find DeezCorner. Deez’ first poem tackles the issue of moving too fast in relationships, finding that couples would rather start at the end and work themselves from there to the beginning.  You’ll find the insert on her corner called: A SINGLE QUESTION.  Fancy yourself a writer or poet? Would you like to contribute to Corners or Thinkers? Email me on

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One of those bathroom moments 🙂

There is something fulfilling about solitude. I’ve always had to share my space, only last year did I truly begin living alone.

In earlier years I shared a bedroom with both and then later one of my sisters. Then in my later primary years, went to boarding school and shared a dorm with a bunch of people I didn’t even know. READ MORE…


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I don’t know of a single one of my life experiences or milestones that I have not shared with Word. My highs and my lows, my inbetweens as well. My talent has been my best friend since I discovered it, the best comfort and the greatest party I could ever run away with. I sing love songs to my talent. A few years ago, I wrote a love letter to my talent. Check it out on the PoeticMother 2012 page: WORD, AGAIN, YOU ARE

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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS – sorting books out at my Grans

“Each one, teach one” – I’ve heard this slogan being tossed around in various societal groups, I do not actually know where it originated from, but it is a powerful statement. Just for a second, imagine that you could teach someone something that was life altering … imagine it, just for a second. Changing a life, for the better.

My mother and her sister recently embarked on a project that they’ve pulled their children into as well.  READ MORE…

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Sometimes this endless cycle of relationships feels like the more relationships you’re in the more glue, sticky tape, prestick, staple guns and plasters you need to stock up on. It’s an endless, vicious game, and the more it happens, the more it stays the same. Redundent. Check out my latest piece on the PoeticMother 2012 page that I wrote about exactly this.REFORM

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