DATE: 11 JULY 2012


I am a slave in Egypt
Moments of Joseph have I known
His death did I dread
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses is not yet born
Pharaoh is killing the warrior
In his cowardice he sends the mother
To murder the son
In my agony I call on the name of God
Coz I’ve heard of Jacob
I’ve seen the fruit of Joseph
I know God is
I am a slave in Egypt
I’ve heard of a child wrapped
And laid in straw
Floating on a river
Bumping into destiny
My people, they are fruitful
Even in their slave days
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses is born
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses has grown
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses has sinned
I remain a slave in Egypt
My people continue weeping
With faith to the God of the Bible
We remain slaves in Egypt
While Moses relocates
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses needs some time
God gave him 40
Moses is insecure
God assigns him a helper
Moses wants all of God
God joins the journey
Moses hears of the God-allowed difficulty
Moses He obeys

I am a slave in Egypt
Pharaoh won’t let go
I am a slave in Egypt
My faith won’t lay low
I am a slave in Egypt
Moses has arrived
A new man
Drawn out
A new creation
A wealthy man with family

I am a slave in Egypt
My faith is tested
My God is revealed
My freedom is pending …
I am Africa
My faith is growing
My patience is new
I am Africa
Don’t look around
I speak to you

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 3 JULY 2012


In the beginning
Is it now too late
He created
He still createsCreator and creation
In perfect harmony
Animal and vegetation
Freely roam

No restriction
Except one
No division

Creator made man
In his own image he made him
Out of man he made her
In his own image he made them

Naked in the garden
Care less
No worries
No world
God is Lord
All is ours
Except one thing

Recreate Eden in my room
Oh Lord
Allow me to roam around your garden
I do not claim never to fall
I just plead
The beginning
I just plead
The intimacy

Recreate Eden in my room
O Lord
Where you use a simple yet significant part
Of me to create the ultimate creation
I do not claim it won’t seduce me
I do not claim I will be innocent
I just plead
The beginning
I just plead
The companion

Recreate Eden in my room
O Lord
Entrust me with everything you have created
Make me the best of your creation
I do not claim I will not replay the Bible
I do not claim I will be different from the first
I just plead
The beginning
I just plead Eden
I just plead

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 2 JULY 2012


My answered prayer
As I lay on top of this bed
One more night
Wondering where you are
If our lives are growing apart
Or if you are moving any closer to me
I pray that you are well
And that the heavens have found reason
To smile upon me
By keeping dancing angels
At your side
I want to tell you
Not only how my day has been
But also too how my heart is breaking
Over secrets too great to share
With those who haven’t promised
Their forever to me
So hurry up lover
Falling asleep
And waking up
Finding that I simply don’t know how
Or where
To find you
Has become an unbearable
When will you arrive
I’m ready to love

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 25 JUNE 2012


The next time love lands at my door
It should come with an expiry date
Stamped to its helloI’m getting weary of greeting
Niggas who have reached their
Sell by date
Brothers who are still being manufactured
And men who have gone off
Like a diary product that’s been kept in the
Fridge way too long

The next time love says hello
It must understand that I was
Walking by on that isle
Checking out everything on the shelf
And it decided to stop me
Therefore I need not answer to why
I want to scrutinize its every angle
And assess exactly where it came from
After all the devil is in the detail

The next time love comes knocking at
My door
It better have a return address scribbled
On its label
Because when it malfunctions
I’ll send it back from whence it came
And beg the manufacturer to not give
Me any further compliments
I’m done with love that has a shelf-life
I’m looking for that eternal stuff

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 20 JUNE 2012


I am making you the focus of my life
Because you have never disappointed
Finally I am allowing you to become that which
You have always been
My anchor
My shade
My destiny
My art
How could I have attempted to live in neglect
Of you when you were the very breath I needed
To live again
Now I’ve found you
My beauty, my heart
Like a phoenix you rose again from the ashes
Who was I to have struck that first flame
That I forced you to surrender to
Yet you remained faithful
Fidelity is your crown
They will have to accept that you are my only
None has remained longer than you have
No matter where I turn you are there
And the joy taught to my heart
By your very existence is indescribable
And who am I to deny it
Your existence has given love a guarantee
To move to the next dimension of life
To transcend even hell’s greatest flame
You are a conqueror
And no evil can quench your power
I have seen them come
I have seen them go
They still come
And still they go
Those that threaten your position
But look where I am now
You are the love of my life
I will always be coming back
No man
No being could ever take your place
Your beauty could never drown a thousand ship
It would pierce a billion hearts
And examine each to show them to themselves
You stand above kings and queens
Presidents cannot be sustained without your
The beauty you translate is sought after
By many
They use you
And move right along
I sit by your side when all lights
Have faded
And sing you love songs
As you comfort my most deepest of pains
They claim to know you
Yet when I engage in conversations about you
It’s as though I speak of a stranger
Do they know our affair?
You were not made
Therefore you are eternal
You were not give to all of us
Yet your privy is a sweet gesture
To be counted among the elite
Because I know you
Causes the songs in my heart to
Know no end
You have created within me a need to be
Only with you can I be heard
When apart my heart mourns your absence
I plead your rising
Fresh and new from the ashes
When you are here
You become that grin on my face
That leaves faces perplexed
They attempt to figure me out
But they don’t know you
And I cannot tell
For such ecstasy
Was only ever truly created
For enjoyment
You are my joy
My high
My beauty
My fortress
My constant
My ideal
My hiding place
Only you can ensure I live past my years
I have missed you

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 19 JUNE 2012


The thing is
I’ve been broken
Bashed against the wall
Hit so hard I’ve become numb

Search me if you must
I know there’ll be some of me
Deep within
If you search hard enough
You may find my smile
Hidden underneath all the debris

I’ve been broken
So many times
I’ve grown tired of picking up the pieces
The last two times
My fragments couldn’t be put together again
So I decided
To reform
Create a brand new me
No scars
No wounds
No regrets
Awaiting one more selfish
Mother-fucking man
To come through
And make me
Someone else

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 13 JUNE 2012


She is to you but a conquest
A mission
A bet, a game so sickening
You call her with whistles
As though she were some
Township dogYou get her attention
Whisper sweet nothings
While she hangs on your every word
Because Daddy never told her
She was beautifulYou exploit her vulnerability
Thinking she’d never seen a 200 rand
Note before you
Never mind the thug-like roll of bank notes on the inside
Pocket of your Versace suit

She is to you but a trophy
To be paraded before your boys
As though you worked as hard as
A sportsman In order to keep her

She stays because on the nights
You demanded her being
You forgot your seed within her
And you just don’t know it yet

She stays because leaving wouldn’t be trying
But she never knew people like you
Existed before she heard that whistle

But in a few years time
Your baby girl will be walking
Down the street
And some other cool nigga
Will look at her once
And see a common township bitch
Just like you had
With her mother

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM

DATE: 12 JUNE 2012


Sarah don’t live here no more
I lost her on the road from teenager to
20 something
She kept giving herself to every man that
Looked her way
And eventually depleted her reservoir
Sarah don’t live here no moreBut I remember how she was
Before she up and left
In her prime
Sarah was the talk of the town
A lady whose beauty was a secret
Hidden in thick lines of black eyeliner
And brisk strokes of mascara that came
As second nature
A doll whose nails were always
Done to complement her hair
She never left the house looking
Anything less than perfect

Her red sole heels, courtesy of Jabu
Her black Jenni Button Suite, thank you Sipho
Her Brazilian hair, bought by KB
Her manicure and pedicure from the friend-zoned Msira

That Sarah, when she still breathed
In these parts
No man whose blood still pumped on his veins didn’t know her

But Sarah don’t live here no more
Her face a melting bar from the make-up that hid her for years
Daily Dark streaks of running mascara and eyeliner
The cheapest in the market
Follow her tears

Seven mouths yelling ‘mommy!’
Seven daddies each
The fame and the ride
Not even a sweet memory
As no-one who really counts
Recalls any favours from Sarah

The envy on people’s faces in her prime
Has turned to pitty Sarah no longer leaves her house
Curtains drawn Another bun baking in the oven
A cigarette stained with red lipstick in her hand
Black streaks on her face
A whiskey glass next to the ashtray
And seven fatherless brats
Social grant for each
With no prospect of an education
Tell of what used to be Sarah

Sarah don’t live here no more
You might find her in your little black book
Your photo album
Among your one night stands
Or maybe even in your to-do list

Sarah don’t live here no more
I done murdered that bitch years ago!

SOURCE: Vuvu Vena, VM


4 responses to “2012

  1. Pinks

    July 2, 2012 at 08:59

    Wow you are brilliant…amazing writing…my heart beats poetry and yours just made it beat faster…*smile*

  2. pearl

    June 13, 2012 at 13:27

    “whistle for ur baby girl” powerful ma-vee, ths one gets a guy to think again before he throw that whistle.


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