UP TILL 2010

Vuvu Vena

These waves
They come in gushes with a force I have never known before
They aim to cast me to the far earth
Or pull me in to the middle of the ocean
Either way, I would never be able to pull through
Not in my own strength
At least that is what they perceive of me

Yet when forced to walk
I stand tall and use all my limbs
When forced to paddle like a dog at sea
I rise to the occasion if it means I live to see the result of all the pain

So here I am
Forced to stand
Forced to swim
I fear nothing these days
Yet my breath comes in short gushes
But I will breathe
I have no choice
There is a life I have chosen
And a life I have dreamed of
The end is no reason to die
It’s a reason to start
All over again

These waves
I laugh in their beauty
They are contagious in that dimension
They purify me
They make me beautiful
They teach me
Most of all I am strengthened
Because of these waves
So swim or walk
I’ll do both if that is what is required of me
I’m in the middle of building a legacy
I shall never give up

Vuvu Vena

Sometimes I just sit there
Just sit there and wonder
Wonder if he is there
Is there a reason why I even yearn for him
For him to be a part of my life
My life is currently shallow and empty
Shallow and empty and I have a need
A need I can no longer ignore
No longer ignore the pain that I feel when all eyes are shut
All eyes are shut to my sorrows
My sorrows are the very secrets I replay in the dark of night
In the dark of night I cry out to whoever may hear
To whoever may hear did you hear my cry last night
Last night I told you I was lonely
I was lonely and I guess you did not hear
You did not hear because I am still lonely
Still lonely because everyone that comes my way is never mine
Never mine to keep
To keep would be asking for too much
Too much and maybe it is too much maybe it is
Maybe it is that I am not meant to have that much
That much would be too generous
Too generous to be mine
To be mine suddenly sounds like it could be a curse
A curse
This loneliness

Vuvu Vena

You have learnt a new trick
And as a magician you once said
You’d never reveal your tricks
Lest they make you a mere man
This trick has made me a broken man

It seems like the notion of breaking my heart
Is a fascination you enjoy toying with
I tell you time and again
That it is pure agony for me
But you keep on torturing me
As though it were a game I should understand

My tears are tired of falling
Today when I showered
Scrubbing my body till it hurt
Trying to rid myself of your scent
Which was a beauty only minutes before
The tears burnt at the edge of my eye lids
Like they do now
But I cannot bring myself to cry
Not for you
Not again

I guess it is time for me to grow up
If I keep crying over you I might never be loved
Never love again
So I’m inhaling and exhaling right now
Trying to breathe in a hope that has not known me
It is time for me to choose
To be destroyed
Or to rise like the phoenix I am

You have set fire on me
Often times
And even as I become ash
You have been able to resurrect my love for you
This time around
I do not think you have the power
Even a good trick expires
And unless I become a magician myself
I will always need you to help me rise
But I’m stronger than that
Something you did not know
I’ve lived without you before
Though I am not ready to let go
I will
I need to

Do you even know what you took from me
Do you even understand what I gave you
Did you have any intent at all
Did you have any aspirations
Was I just giving
Playing the stupid girl on the side
Who fills her mind with fantasies of days that will never come
And you knew
I know you knew
And yet you stood there
Allowing me to live a lie

Even as this pain eats away at me
Even while I’m trying to keep it together
Because I cannot afford to fall apart
You lay there
In her arms
And I am alone
And I hate myself for wishing I was with you instead
Even in this pain
You are the only person that comes to mind
To seek comfort from
Shelter from a pain you are causing

So maybe they are right
Maybe I do not love myself enough
Maybe you are right
I deserve much better
And you are not it

I am incapable of hating you
I wish I could
It would make this growth process better
I’d be able to snatch you from my heart
And close the door
So as to prevent you from coming back
I hate my heart
It still hopes

There are dreams that I have dreamt
That refuse to stop haunting me
And every picture is a memory
And a fantasy of you
I guess I will never truly escape you
But right now
I am letting you go
And trust me, when I am done
I will forget you
Maybe not the love
But you
You will be but a memory that my mind cannot escape

Vuvu Vena

I hear you
Even in the deep of night
The words you speak
Resonate deep within me
You inspire me
Show me something I can
Yet i fear it

You are a hero
In my books
I envy your courage
For your talent
You have chosen to multiply

I look up to you
Because even though you seem fearless
You have to have but one fear
To live and leave
Without having lived
And given yourself
Back to that which
Made you

By word you were created
Spoken into being
And by word you live
and speak!

Vuvu Vena

I am trying to define
To identify
The strength of my hand
The liberty of my craft
And the capacity of my talent

For so long i have been caged
Fear fears no man
And when doors are left open
It takes over and paralyses
All dreams and desires

However a new strength
Has awoken within me
And i am trying to define
And identify
The strenght of my hand
The reach of my voice
The timelessness of my talent

Arise and shine
Poetic mother that is me
Arise and shine
Clothe your children with
Splendour and colour
Arise and shine
For your light
HAS come

Vuvu Vena

It is the greatest of things
That are often condemned
No hero has ever been given
Such a name
Without having fought
A battle and won

Those things that
Often struggle to survive
Give birth to greatness
They cultivate endurance
And most times
They bare beauty

It is in the hardest of times
That gold is truly being refined
Only in the eye of the storm
Will one find true peace
The storm has to rage!!!

Vuvu Vena

Flowers open up
To receive rain drops
As though a hunger
Were being filled
As though a thirst
Were being quenched

Rain therefore on me
I feel the pitta petta
But the storm is not raging
Let the water gust out
From your very belly
As though it were
Rainy tears of joy
I am open
And ready
To receive that which you
Let the storm rage
And awaken every sleeping
And every dead adult
Within me
Rage storm
I await you!

Vuvu Vena

Ours is the tale of Hosea
I being the prostitute
You the lover that knows no condition
That never ceases to avail himself
Even when I flee
To promiscuous surroundings
And forget you are
And forget your love

Yet when days are dark
And nights too bright
They keep me from my sleep
I turn and look for you
I remember your warmth
And your embrace
And to your open arms I run
To find that nothing has changed
Consistent word
Here I am at your mercy
Mend my broken wings
And let me fly

Vuvu Vena

What is the whip appeal
In kissing green animals
That do nothing but jump
Up and down in and out
All day long

Is there a logical reason
To be basking by the pond
Hoping that hideous creature
Rocks up again and looks at you
With those bulging and piercing eyes
Mind you with the same fashion they
Did the girl who sat at that same spot yesterday

I’m done kissing frogs
But I fear the next best thing is kissing dogs

Vuvu Vena

Where are the vanguards of my generation

Are we going to wallow in stupidity trying to mend

Errors of former days and live in the glory that has long passed us by

What the fuck is going on down here in this miracle country

Have we become so brainless that controversy and scandal is what feeds our souls


You have been called, you have been tasked

For crying out loud what must happen before you arise

A death

An assassination




Or do you wait for the day to come

Where you alone will be counted hero

Are you waiting for the opportunity

To outshine the rest

Rest assured, none is shining as we speak

The days are dark and so are the men that live in them

Light has ceased to shine upon us

But you sit there in adjustable chairs

Looking into camera screens

Blurting out crap for the nation to feed

The demons that live inside them

Transferred from your very lips

WAKE UP! Before the day ends

Night time is stepping close behind you

And you will be found sleeping

Who is going to fight then soldier


BROTHER new battles have arisen

The battle you fight ended years ago

Stop playing with dead bodies and dead philosophies

Wake up to the realities of your time

Lest those who still want to live fight against you

What is the meaning of this stupidity?

Did our leaders cripple us

By not grooming successors?

Where then do we go from here?

We who have dreams

We who are still to birth lives into this very soil

What then becomes of us when our trust has been marred?

By selfishness and greed, by stupidity and arrogance

Are we to die before we birth?

What of my father who lived in both times

What of my grandfather who lived in one time and

Danced in heaven when change came

What of the unborn generation

Will their first cry be to a crying earth?


Do not sleep while your nation awakes to a nightmare

What has gone amiss?

How can a household survive when the head is being crushed?

Who then will win bread for my people?

Will my reckless uneducated brother bear the brunt

How huge a task it is that you put on his shoulders all because

You claim you cannot trust another or you’d rather chop off your head


My future is determined by your actions

What have I done to deserve such

My heart bleeds for my country

We keep reaping and sowing

Look what you have sown and rest assured

Pears do not grow from apple seeds

Look again

Your illusion may be cleared

Maybe by then you would have killed a nation

And the good name it had built

I only have one question for you


Vuvu Vena

Colour me red

Let the world see

That I am the peak

Of the house you built

Tile me with care

So that I can be your

Secret hiding place

During storm

During sun

Ndenze indawo yakho yokuhlala

Nxa ufuna ukubona izwe

Ngamehlo amatsha

Ensure that I am strong

So that I can shelter

Your home from disaster

And make all stormy

Weathers fear me

Colour me red

Kuze izwe libone

That the warmth of your home

Is the colour of fire!

Vuvu Vena

If I become

Who do I do it for

Am I looking to gain favour

Or am I looking to birth life

If I decline

The destiny paved out before me

Will I then become another

Someone I never was

Will she too feel this pressure

Or would she live free

Free of knowing that she

Can be great

Yet the path to greatness

Is often filled with lessons

Of humility

When I become

I want to be me

I am

Because I dream to be

And even as I am awake

I live within the potential

Of my dreams coming true

Time is my friend

And I will become

Vuvu Vena

Missing you

Has become the order of my day

I have captured most of you

In my minds eye

And every time I reflect

It’s as though you are here

Here yet so far

Yet I still reminisce

Of how great you are

Some days I cannot wait

To come home

Plug this machine

And let images of you

Colour my soul

You did say distance

Can be a pain

But Poetry

Love knows no miles

It’s a mystery

Other days

I lie in bed

Reluctant to wake up

Because this bed

Has been weaved

With memories

That will never die

They linger vividly

I cannot lie

Missing you

Has become the order of my everyday

Keep wondering if telling you

How great this longing is

Will bring you back anytime soon

Would it make you hop on horses

And forsake your course

Yet that is not my dream

My dream

Whether I am strong enough to stand through

Its journey

Is to see your dream fulfilled

I will stand therefore as a pillar

Till your journey

Takes you back to where you left me

To recreate and create

Old and new memories

Of times we had

And times we will have apart

Of you I’ll always be a part

Of me you’ll always be a part

…Poetic Memory!

Vuvu Vena

Will I always be the one seeking you out

I do not want to be the girl that chased after a man

Are you still where I am

Do we still speak the same language

Have you strayed from my circle

Have you departed without announcing

Your departure

Am I always going to be the one seeking you out

Is that the tale of this love

Don’t hide from me

I only seek to love you

I promise you my love won’t hurt

It won’t manipulate you

It won’t harm you

It won’t burn you

Don’t hide from me poetry

Don’t push me away

My love is hot enough

To warm your heart

Big enough

To shelter you even when storms unheard of rage

Please don’t cast me aside

I only seek to ensure that the

Sun does not rise and set

Without seeing a smile on your face

Maybe I try too hard

But my love does not allow any mediocrity

I can’t give you half baked illusions of


I would be robbing you of

Something rare that I have no guarantee

You’d ever see anywhere else


Just let me love you

The best way I know how

While I’m still able to

Vuvu Vena

Oh the burdens

You carry on your back

The hopes

The dreams

That died as they were born

Who is it that told you

You cannot be

Were they looking at

The hunch back you

Portrayed yourself to be

Did you cripple yourself

Out of fear to be great

Were you wondering

If the world was too big

For you

Did you ever want

Desire to be something

Why then child

Did you give it all up

Life does not play out

As you dream it

Shed off that shell

And show your beauty

The world is awaiting you

Ready or not!

Vuvu Vena

He refuses to vanish

My mind wont let his memory fade

With all the reason in the world

Fantasies of a possibility still linger

And who am I

What power do I demand over this part

Though it is a part of my life too

Powerless I am

And I succumb to the realities around me

To change them would be malicious


And too risky

Even for me

So I let his memory dance in the spaces of my mind

And every now I bump into him

My babi

My booi

And whenever we meet

It’s a dance

And I often wonder

What it would have been like

If I had let him call me his

And him mine……..

But forever he remains

The ray that brought me day

When my nights wouldn’t end

Forever you remain

My beam

My shine

My glow

Vuvu Vena

Speaking from podiums
Talking of all the things that went wrong
Telling tales of victories
Of battles of old
These talking heads
Have not adopted to the times

The crowd listens
Listens deep
Trying to find a tale of them
In the lips that speak
Words void to the ears of those in their presence

Speak a language they will hear
Times change, language evolves
Speak that which they want to hear
But say it in the form in which your message will be conveyed
Don’t let listening ears go hungry
For they will look elsewhere to find
The message you didn’t speak
And corrupt your intent

Speaking heads
Speak that they may hear
Not what you are saying
But what you mean to say

Their ears are filled with
Orange, green, yellow, brown
Colours of hunger and within that is a yearning to know
Speak then that they may hear
Not what you know
But what they should know

Time wasted on words not heard
Words wasted on precious moments
Speak the epiphany that will awaken their souls
How dare you stand on podiums
Speaking things they cannot hear
Speak that things may change
The way to raise up an army is to ignite passion
In a language they understand
If you seek change
You will adopt your language
To serve the cause
Stop rising on podiums
And stages
Come down to their platform
And ignite that flame
And let them run with it

Vuvu Vena

We dance around each other
The tango
The ramba
The cha cha cha
The mambo
Tip toeing
Slow walking
And getting down

Lately we’ve just been walking
Slowly around each other
Playing mind games
Thinking of no other but
Each for themselves
Will we wake from this
Sleep walk
My mind is asleep
It lingers in slumber playing all the words
I want to say
Playing every move
I want to make
We’ve become content with these moments of slumber

We used to dance
Traditional dances blossomed in our presence
We did the kwasa kwade kwasa
We did the passé dople
Speaking of chivalry
Making me the royal princess
But now we just walk
And we have become comfortable in our steps

Dance with me once more
Make it a waltz
For it is love that I long to hear from your heart
Let your heart speak of passion
To my heart
Or is that what you fear?
Would you rather we walked

Let us walk then
But not in these comfortable strolls
Let us stroll through parks and admire our beauty
Let us stroll through sea shores and tell of each others vastness
Let us walk through valleys and hold hands through our pains
Walk with me through mountains when we attain levels of our dreams
Walk with me through battles and let our victories and defeats build us together
If you want to walk, let us walk
Though not like this, on barren lands and in different directions

Vuvu Vena

He picks it up at his convenience
Whenever there is a crowd, he is the entertainer
The entertainment
The one who steals everyone’s attention
And no night ends without the strings
Of the violin untouched

Whether to caress
Or to play
The violin always falls victim to his hands
The need
Of both the player and the played
Both desire to show their craftsmanship
And in each others trust
They play a melody of passion
A masterpiece that’s birthed with every encounter

No moment is like the former or the latter
Every moment exists in isolation
From the lifting of the violin into his arms
To the soft touches of his fingers on its luminous wooden surface
Then the gentle whisper in a language unspoken but yet understood only by him and this instrument
To the slow start of a solo piece, a harmony that paints the rivers with colour and the oceans with glitter
Ending in a one man show that personifies the crescendo of a live orchestra
And then there is a calm

Then swiftly he puts away his instrument
The violin
Recaptures his demeanour
Holds the instrument carelessly in his hand
Grabs a drink
And tucks it away…
While doing away with the feelings of guilt
For the violin knows all too well that any day
And every day, it is replaced
All it lingers on are stolen moments
I the violin
He the musician…..

Even though the notes we’ve engraved on times music sheet
Are eternal and unforgettable
Let it be known that the neglected are not self loathing beings
With low self esteem who are just waiting for the right connection with their lovers eyes
The foolish are really all too wise
And often times only noticed once they’ve moved on
To a worthier violinist….

Vuvu Vena

I become this girl sometimes, sometimes I become this girl and it burdens me, it troubles me, like in the view of my eyes I see the world as it ought to be and in a simple wink it is all gone all over again. This girl that I become wants too much from me, has too many dreams but they are all intertwined, yet I cannot be, I cannot be her, no matter how hard I try, try I have. Or maybe she cannot be me, maybe she cannot be and it is simple, as simple as that, yet for split seconds, I become, even if it’s for a millisecond she becomes me, this girl. And here I am, here she is. Not knowing if I am her or she me but we are here, the two of us, one, and we are perplexed or at least I am.

So much is going on in my head, therapy only comes in songs, in words, in books, but still this therapy I seek, even in the glass of wine that stares at me as crippled as it is limited. So where do I look next, for I know for sure what it is that haunts my soul for it haunts my heart as well, I have escaped it before and this time around I shall not run into it’s charm, it must constantly be escaped, lest both me and her get our fingers burnt. But haunt me it does, and it will not escape, it awaits my escape.

However I doubt my strength, in this moment, in this right now, I doubt I have the strength to deceive myself, to deceive her, for I have not been, I’ve always allowed her to be. The girl who will not accept the good that might be her lot, the girl who cries things away so that their burden feels lighter for a millisecond. I have been her since I learnt that as true as they claim the saying that good things come to those who wait, some have waited long enough for good, for splendid good, but only illusions and mirages of it have graced their path. I am she, the girl that I am is she, the one who waits in vain for some sort of knight. Yes both me and she, we know the knight, but he has not come to rescue us, not me, not her, but come he has, to befriend, to laugh, to tease, to cry, to lean on our shoulders, but rescue and love like a king does a queen, he has not.

Mild moments present themselves, toy with memories and unforgettable yesterdays. And he, though I, this girl, have tried to erase him, stands stagnant in all of them. My tomorrow, yet today he isn’t, he isn’t that he. The hes that he is are not that he, the one I seek. So I rampage through life trying to forget the longing, the desire, this girl she hops from here to there convincing herself that her need does not lie in him no more, that others exist somewhere, here, there, in her diary, in her months as memories and reality. So they become her remedies.

Yet he still comes around, not as the he we both seek, but the he that he presents himself to be to us, and I, I choose to be that girl that is not me so that I too can bear the pain and maybe present to him the she that he seeks to find in me which is not the she that he ought to seek for. It is a game that likens itself to searching for gold in a mine full of platinum. So I give him gold, afraid he might not return if there is nothing there to find. But now I am afraid that he has become content with the gold and as lustrous and blindingly bright as this platinum is, his eyes are not trained to see it. So she gold prevails over me platinum and maybe that is the tale. He the miner will mine what he has found and discard of the essence of this mine.

Still it is not just he that brings me to this state, there are other things, other he’s and I have grown weary of both. I have dreams, me the platinum, yet even on the stages of my dreams I continue to show gold and I curl up at night when my act is past and soak my pillow with silver water, I platinum. For yesterday I feared, today too I still fear, I fear me, platinum, for the value bestowed upon me is too great for me to steward. And then these days come, slowly in split seconds, in milliseconds and I am drenched in invisible bags, suffocating and I still cannot be contained. But in those moments, I feel like life is not like it should be. Yet tomorrow again I shall be gold, it is a way of life I have not escaped it, and on the stage of my dreams I shall again play the supporting role, in all the acts, as the coward that I am, gold.

When it comes to the hes, I give them what they desire for their company has made me content. But when stripped of that company, I, platinum, spend sleepless nights of agony trying to fill a void that was always there, for he, the miner, still wont dig deep enough to find me, platinum. For me platinum, still wont remove the gold mask that shelters me from the harms of this world.

So here I sit, gold, platinum, in self pity, too proud to cry and too bold to die and I sit, knowing tomorrow I shall still lustre as gold and the world will be ok, whether I be or I become…not. Yet for my dreams I long and for the miner I yearn. But so long as today presents itself as yesterday did I shall see no change and I shall be that which I’m comfortable with, second rate platinum, supporting act, me, GOLD.

Vuvu Vena

When does life begin
Does the initial cry signify the pain it so often brings
The thing with tears is
They never stop falling
As clear as crystal
Still they fall
Knowing no shame
Basking in their own glory
Is this the story life chooses to tell
A story such as this

Everyday I am a soldier
A slave
A labourer
And life just drives me
As though I were an Isrealite in Egypt
And Pharoah just sits on his throne
If I be Moses
Then I am destined to kill someone
Such is the inevitable fruit
Of the Isrealite groomed in me
By life
That Egypt I long to escape from
But I’ve known a desert
And 40 years
I do not have
So I’d rather not step into that journey
Towards a promise I will never attain
The ground will have me before I reach it

Vuvu Vena

Someone once asked me what it is I’m looking for
I described a prince
With the greatest doubt that any queen could
Nurture such
That any king could raise such

He had within him a royalty unknown
To man
The way he treated his lady
Put a different spell to chivalry
No knight could compare

I was the lady
He was the prince
And no jewel could have been more nurtured
Than my heart and joy
If that was the meaning of life
Then I had lived more than was
My share
And on my hand was placed
The brightest and biggest jewel
I was astonished that I could
Contain it
Shocked that I was chosen to bear it
Afraid I’d break it

Then I found my fault
I’ll always be dreaming of a prince
And I, always the lady
Never a king
Never a queen

Vuvu Vena

D-rum D-rum D-rum
Enchanting and seductive
Whenever I hear you
I fade into an oblivious trance
D-rum D-rum

You speak of days before my very own
Of moments before my birth
You echo tales of the long departed
Of struggles I have escaped
Yet now you are my organ
And I force you to recall

How did Nonqawuse fall into trickery
Was that the lot of my people
Speak for I want to know how they
Survived the mockery of belief

Speak of the blood shared for my children
My future
My generation
I was but only fresh out of the womb
I cannot recall

Was there wailing
Or laughter
During the slaughter
Dud those age old men know
That today I would be
Because they aren’t

How many tales do you
Stomach in that belly of yours
For you don’t only speak of nations
But families and friends

Speak then of the noblemen on my
Mother’s side
And of royalty
On my father’s
Tell the tale
Lest I forget it
Of a struggle
That shed blood as clear as tears
So that I too could live

Tell of a love between strangers
That could build as though we
Were kin
Tell of inevitable friendships
And sing of their eternity

Tell of my heritage
Before my state dissolves
Make it my heart beat
Thud it deeper than the stomp of an elephant
This song

Vuvu Vena

Call me insane
Ridiculous even
But when you say my name
Stars fall like tiny rain drops
Land on my face
And bring out a glow

It’s not how you say it
It’s when you say it
Not the specific moment
But why you say it

On your tongue
Those two letters
Roll off like candy pops
Sweet as honey
Seductive as chocolate
Delicate as cream
As beautiful as love

Say my name once more
See the shimmer in my eyes
The longing in my breath
The hope in my heart
That this wont be the last time
You say of me
That which I am
I am she that you call
And when you say it
It’s a song

Vuvu Vena

If time were a book
How many pages would it possess
How many paragraphs
Make up time
And what story would it tell

Would it tell of life
Of love
Of destiny
Of change
Of developments
Or would it be so vain
As to speak of itself

Time I long to read you
For day after day
You torture me on unknown tomorrows
And force a patience
I’ve never been taught
To ooze from my very soul

So patiently
I’m found waiting, wanting, again
Will patience pay off
For tomorrow again
You’ll come
Let me read you my wants

Vuvu Vena

Shall I envy angels
Are they all seeing
Yet always suprised
Do they see today as a whole
But never what comes beyond

I envy angels
Who see days as a whole
They cry in advance
Celebrate before time
Things unknown to me
Things only those above see

The sun is certain
That it will be revealed
In the morn
The stars and moon
At night

I envy celestial bodies
They know sufficient truth
For each day
They disappear with strength
For come tomorrow
Nothing has changed

Shall I live then
Just as these do
Certain of life
Regardless of what may be
My place is certain

Vuvu Vena

Too often we forget
About the people we’ve met
But not you
You stay glued to my mind
You are the main character of my dreams since
You pitched up on that sunny summer day
You stole my sane

Too often
We might not see the good influence
That people have
I can turn your life around
Make you look forward to better days
Bring about the sunlight in the night sky
Show you true happiness in an hour
You can do the same

Too often
We regret our choices
And the people we’ve committed to
But not with you coz
You bring about a smile and a frown
You don’t make me believe in unreal fairytales
You brighten up my every night
You, if by choice
I would have met at first sight

Too often
We blame others for the wrong turn outs
Of our lives
And people add on
I want you to know that
Every smile my heart makes
Every song it sings
Every melody it composes
Every sparkle on my eye
Every joyful tear I cry
Along with every painful one
Every glow on my face
Every poetic word these hands write
Every fulfilling day
I blame it all on you
Often enough

Vuvu Vena

Hearts are wild instruments
They play many different harmonies
Melodies and tunes
Some are heard, others aren’t
Some are mocked, others aren’t

Stranger, this heart plays a melody
For you, if you could be born with it
You would know its perfection
Hold its glory and feel its beauty
And then you’d fall among the lot
That fall inlove
With the owner of the heart
That creates such beautiful melodies

Hearts do not often know what is best
Minds do not often think straight
Souls too often get attracted
But noe the less fate is too often accurate

If you can tie all these things together
Then you have found a production of all my hopes
When it comes to you

Vuvu Vena

Who saw it when it happened

A formation so perfect

I only heard its laughter

A musical note too divine

I heard it happened on a golden bed

Everything was in place

All was planned

I heard it arrived on a perfect day

With the rays of the sun shining

On the treasure

Who witnessed it as it grew

This beautiful treasure became sweet and rare

Who knew that when it grew up

It would hold such wisdom and strength

I sat in its presence

Watched as it lit up the room

I gazed down its life stream

Watched as beauty grew

I gazed up its future

And saw an excellent light

Who knew that when it happened

It would always be this beautiful

You must have known

For beauty is you

Vuvu Vena

Freedom is a fantasy greatly esteemed
They fought for it
We were meant to receive it
I look for it
With shackles on my feet
Yet I move
Yes I dance
I get to where I must go
Yet still I’m bound
Bound by
Who fights for these bonds to be removed
I’m bound yet I speak as a
Free man
My forefathers fought for the freedom
To be without question
Who fights for me to be without being
Freedom is a concept that is utopian
Show me perfect freedom
And I’ll prove that I’ve never
Explain freedom
It knows no human



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