04 May
My bed side right now!

My bed side right now!

This will come across as strange to most people who know me. I love wine, red wine to be specific. White wine not soo much, I only have it when I’m surrounded by people who like it as well, like my dear friend Len, lol lol oh oops…I shouldn’t have said that.

However Fat Bastard Chardonnay on the other hand … now that’s wine.

It’s a cold cold day in East London today. Oh the plans I had when I woke up this morning, before they [yes they, whoever they may be] decided that Gonubie can do without electricity today.

But we shall not dwell on such, nothing that writing, social networking and chardonnay can’t fix. [and this is why you should always keep your laptop battery charged kids].

When we were younger my mom would tell us stories about her childhood during a blackout. That’s how I heard about the sugar-water tales and others that she experienced when she was in boarding school.

Now that I’m a little grown, during these times I do a lot of thinking and reflecting on my own life and what the ‘sugar-water tales’ mean to me now.

It’s amazing how in the single second that distinguishes last year to this year one can renew their hope. One can be utterly hopeless at 11:59 on New Year’s Eve but come midnight new dreams are dreamt and old one refreshed.

I always go into a new year with great hope and ambition. Most times come year end 70% of those dreams are fulfilled. I have one simple trick really, I meditate on those dreams A LOT until they form part of me and I cannot help but find a way to achieve them. To such a point that no matter how tiny they may be, they keep me up at night. Sometimes a year is just too short.

In my life right now, the sugar-water tales are about where I’ve come from and to watch that path lighting up with favour even in the moments I thought I was alone is a gobsmacker of a revelation. Many of us don’t say it often enough because our perception of this has been distorted by what we see on TV. But life has been good to me. And if you think hard about it, life has been good to you too.
How do I know? Because I’m not where I was last year and that is a tale of progress not regress.

During these times I’m grateful for the ‘sugar-water days’, and hope has been renewed once more.

Let me get busy with this living.


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