03 May
I just feel like dancing!

I just feel like dancing!

Luck is a coincidence.
Blessing is divinely ordained. I am SOOO blessed; God meant it to be so.
I have had one of those weeks where the hand of God is blatantly at play in certain aspects of my life that I have been taken aback and all I can do is dance!
And give him all the glory. He is a good God and he concerns himself with the things that concern me and while I’m praying he has already resolved a thing.
This week has been piled with answered prayers, the magnitude of God’s grace and the evidence of his love.
I thought I’d just remind you to never lose heart and pray without ceasing, trusting that a generous, extravagant, gracious, holy and loving heavenly Father hears your heart’s deepest pleas and answers them in good time, even when the answer is no.
Hello everybody!
It’s been a while. I know I keep saying I’m back and then I disappear.
This has been a strange year, so this time I’m not going to declare a promise that I’m back, I’ll just surprise you, that’s much better.
This is a short entry. There isn’t much to say really, except to share how humbling it is to see the work of God’s hand in your life.
I’m one whose eyes are opened even to the little things. Strangely, for me, that’s where I see the work of God most evidently. It’s the small things that testify about heaven to me, but this week God has shown me that he breathes even in bigger things and it’s ok to trust him for more.
I just wanted to encourage yall. Look for him in everything and stay blessed!

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