12 Nov

20121112-163907.jpgCAPTION: When I think about love…

NO MATTER how far my heart wanders it always comes back to the same place, and each time there is no doubting where I’m home.
Above all else, I am a writer, regardless of how the world changes.
Of late I’ve been feeling congested, you know that feeling like too much is going on inside (mind,heart,spirit), and there are just no words. Zilch, nada, zero – but to let it all out a word or two is necessary.
Words are therapeutic, read, written, said or heard, its a therapy of ages long past, a constant unchanging truth.
I have been neglecting my preferred therapy of late, there are many reasons why, some may be excuses, but we all get there some time, the place where it is the very thing we love that we neglect the most and by so doing the hurt of that separation rekindles a flame stronger than we’ve known before.
It is a reality both sick and true – absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Anyway, enough of that, what I meant to say was I’ve struck a new match.
Lets fall in love.
Source: Vuvu Vena/ VM

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